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Copycat project in mobility sector




october - december 2015


During our third year at the Web School Factory, we have a Copycat project. This project has as goal to show us how to make a market investigation, a business plan or the project managment for a long time (6 months). I've worked for Nexity, large real estate player, with 3 other third year students. We had the jury congrats and the school congrats for the quality of our work.
Starting from the name of our client: Nexity, we had to analyze the sector to innovate. This innovation then leads to the creation of a startup. Here as part of the exercise, we stopped at our startup presentation (business plan, branding and image, communication, etc.) to Nexity and Web School Factory.
Confidentiality do not allow me to speak in more detail of the project.

Benchmark page design

The benchmark presentation extract.

Legal limits page design

Legal limits for implantation in Europe.

Positioning page design

Our positioning against the market rental housing.

Facebook post example

A simulation of a Facebook post by The Hermit Crab. More posts here: www.facebook.com/The-Hermit-Crab/.

Team methodology dashboard

Here is an excerpt of the dashboard which allowed me to keep an overview throughout the project.

Press realises

The press releases we have achieved for the launch of The Hermit Crab (requires confidentiality, I dimmed the content).

Desktop mockup of the website The Hermit Crab

Here is a simulation of a model of the web platform we imagined for The Hermit Crab.